Build a vision

My Vision: What makes me different from the bazillion other cleaning companies in Melbourne?

I have heard so many different definitions of what a “vision” is, that really, despite my vast experience (I’m older than I look), even putting the word vision into the header of this blog, was slightly disconcerting. I need to build a vision.

I have a name, and a domain name for the company, so all I need to do is to build the website right? Not quite. Before I can create any branding, verbal imagery, or client attraction, I kinda need to know what I’m all about. I need to build a vision. A close colleague asked me this very early on in the piece. What makes you different from everyone else? Why would I pay more to have you come and clean my house, when I know that I can get cleaning services for less?

Well that is true. As I mention on the front page of the website, cleaners are notoriously underpaid. And in fact, if they work for a cleaning company, I’m not sure how they would even pay for homemade sandwiches for lunch! Did their employers build a vision? Or did they do it the traditional way that everyone else has done it?

And yet, as I started asking questions of my friends who used a cleaner for their home, I was struck by a strong common theme. Comments like “I let them go because I wasn’t even sure that they had cleaned”, or “I think they used my window-cleaner to mop the floor”, or “I just can’t find a good cleaner – I’ve tried dozens”.

Coincidental you think?

I don’t! How on earth can you feel passionate about doing a brilliant job, how can you take pride on making your clients’ homes beautiful, when you’re worried about where your next meal is coming from? How can you not feel slightly resentful towards your clients, when they value your services so poorly? Because that is the way that it has always been?

I could now build a vision. Standby for some descriptive imagery.

Superhero in Disguise is all about doing a brilliant job. It’s all about taking pride in making Superhero clients’ homes beautiful. It’s all about caring about the home and welfare of our clients. It is all about engaging with our clients, getting to know what is important, and checking in with them regularly to make sure that their needs are being met.

It is not about cutting corners. It is not about resentment.

It is ALL about quality, care, amazing results – everything that you would normally expect from your average Superhero.

For this reason, the bylines of the company are “Every day is a home cleaning adventure”, and “Super Home Cleaning with Attitude”. Superhero in Disguise swoops in and performs miracles. And our clients appreciate us. That is what the vision is all about.

The real test is in the litmus though don’t you think?

Will people pay?

Will they appreciate being delighted enough to continue?

Will they refer their friends and family to Superhero in Disguise?

Please hold caller, while I go and find out…

And if you are so inclined, please check out the website at You can even read through some rather fabulous blogs about how you can keep house like a boss.

Do you have any feedback on this blog? Any advice to give this common Superhero in Disguise? It’s always good to have a rousing discussion. Or in fact to know that someone has read this blog! Mum, please private message me – no-one needs to know that my socks are not matching today.

Build a vision

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