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Do you want to buy me? In the interests of shameless self-promotion, is seems like this is a good place to hawk my wares.

The following are services and products that you can “click-to-buy”. That is, you can buy ME. You choose whether you want a Superhero in Disguise (cape optional) or Nicola Mercer. Note: Prices are exclusive of GST. If you are a not-for-profit organisation, get in touch with me via ASK.

Website Page ReviewWebsite Content Review: Page by page review with marketing appeal at the forefront. Additional, check for grammar, consistency, brand and tone. $100 per page.


SMS Satisfaction CheckSMS Satisfaction Check: If you want to ensure that your customers are happy with your service or products, AND you want to quickly react and correct any concerns, you need a SMS Satisfaction Check for your business. Design, set-up and training included.  This module generally suits small to medium-sized businesses who are responsive and progressive. $750 including 1 hour staff training session, and one month of support.


Website DesignWebsite Content: If you have a basic idea of what you want, but are not really sure how to put it all together, you’ve come to the right place. $200 per page if basic content is provided, $500 per page for a full-build.



Oncall SupportOncall Support: Do you want an oncall internal marketing expert on hand for you and your team? It’s like insurance for your business and your customers. Receive adhoc advice on dealing with complaints, identified flight risk customers, optimising your referral opportunities and much more. $100 per month for every 5 staff members on your team.


Business Partner on DemandBusiness Partner on Demand: Running an empire can be a lonely business, and it’s important to have good professional support. If you want  regular support, suggestions, pats on shoulders and boots up bum, you might like to engage a Business Partner on Demand. Because you want to talk to someone who is invested, but has not “invested”. Just buy me, at the bargain price of just $300 per one-hour meeting.


Business Partner on DemandVirtual Business Partner on Demand: Exactly the same as above, but we will hook up via the internet. Google Hangout anyone? Skype? Buy me, at the bargain price of just $220 per one-hour meeting.



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